Thorn (Þ)

Thorn is a UTF-8 enabled text editor for RISC OS. It is currently in the very early stages of development.

I started toying with the idea of a text editor that I could use to edit my writing and have it fully cross-platform capable. Since RISC OS uses its own character encoding I realized that any such editor would have to be able to import/export UTF-8 text files or I would go mad because even things like the m-dash would come out differently—I like to use m-dashes a lot in my writing!

2018 Update

Since doing some of the early work in 2015 I have lost much of what I did and forgotten much of what I learned. I have also recently learned that there is an effort underway to make the system aware and capable of handling UTF-8 files (I have even seen a screenshot on the RISC OS Open forums of a UTF-8 file in a text editor!).

Due to that, and the fact that I really want to concentrate my efforts on improving the NetSurf browser I am currently not working on Thorn. I do still have plans to come back to it later, and probably expand it beyond the original scope of a UTF-8 text editor to turn it into something more like a modern IDE because that is another thing that RISC OS currently lacks.